Developer Information 

The ID3v2 documents

ID3v2.4.0 Main Structure - Plain text document.
ID3v2.4.0 Native Frames - Plain text document.
ID3v2.4.0 Changes - Plain text document.

(ID3v2.3.0 Informal standard - Plain text document describing ID3v2.3.0.)
(ID3v2.3.0 Informal standard - HTML document describing ID3v2.3.0.)
ID3v2 Programming Guidlines - What is good and what is ungood.

(ID3v2.2.0 Informal standard - Plain text document describing ID3v2.2.0 - obsolete)
(ID3v2.2.0 Commented informal standard - The ID3v2.2.0 HTML document with some notes - obsolete).

Related standards
ISO 639-2 - Language codes
ISO 4217 - Currency codes
ISO 3901 - International Standard Recording Code
Unicode - The Unicode Consortium (
PNG - The PNG Home Page (
zlib - The zlib Home Page (

Example tags
There are currently no official example tags for ID3v2.4.0, but there is some experimental ones made available by the ID3Lib project.

ID3v2 logos
The ID3v2 logo is copyright © 1998 Martin Nilsson. You may freely use the ID3v2 logo on pages containing ID3v2 information and in programs supporting the ID3v2 standard.
id3v2.png - The original logo (2.6 kB, 156 x 149)
attilas_id3logo.jpg - A more colourful logo by Attila Sandor Fiko (3.6 kB, 132 x 132)
id3v2.gif - A rendered rotating logo by Chris Nunn (44.7 kB, 132 x 132)
id3v2.ico - windows icon file by Chuck Zenkus (8.2 kB, 32 x 32 x 16/256, 48 x 48 x 16/256)
id3v2.eps - vectorized version by Magnus Hoff (38.1 kB)
id3v2.emf - vectorized version by Magnus Hoff (1.4 kB)