ID3v2 Mailinglist 

The probably best place to send your ideas and questions to is the ID3v2 mailinglist. You're welcome to discuss every ascpect of the ID3v2 tagging system here.

ID3v2 has it's own mailinglist,, intended primarly for software developers and developers of this and similar standards. Subscribe to the mailinglist by going to and follow the instructions. To unsubscribe simply go to the same page. There you will also find an archive with previous posts on the mailinglist.

This is a "true" frequently asked questions list (as opposed to list-of-things-I-think-you-should-know named as FAQ) which hopefully should keep the mailinglist clear of these questions.
  • Q: Where is an ID3v2 tag located in an MP3 file?

    It is most likely located at the beginning of the file. Look for the marker "ID3" in the first 3 bytes of the file.

    If it's not there, it could be at the end of the file (if the tag is ID3v2.4). Look for the marker "3DI" 10 bytes from the end of the file, or 10 bytes before the beginning of an ID3v1 tag.

    Finally it is possible to embed ID3v2 tags in the actual MPEG stream, on an MPEG frame boundry. Almost nobody does this.

  • Q: Where is an ID3v1 tag located in an MP3 file?

    An ID3v1 tag is in the last 128 bytes of an MP3 file. Look for the marker "TAG" 128 bytes from the end of the file.

  • Q: Why does ID3v2 not make use of XML?

    The first reason is that many types of information in ID3v2 are by nature binary data, a data type that does not mix easily with XML.

    The second reason is parsing speed. The structure of ID3v2 makes it possible to skip over portions of the tag that are not interesting for an application. An XML-based structure would make that substantially more difficult.

    The third reson is that if ID3v2 should be remade in XML it would be incompatible with all existing versins of ID3v2. We think that we have had enough of incompatible changes.

    Finally, if one wishes to include XML-based information within in ID3v2 tag, it is perfectly possible. ID3v2 puts no limitations on the data types that can be embedded within its structure, so a frame that contains XML information is entirely feasible.

  • Q: Could you add the genre X to the genre list?

    No. The ID3v1 genre list is obsolete and inconsistent and was no good to begin with. All genres above 79 has been added by Nullsoft and is not really part of the "ID3v1 standard", if such thing existed.

  • Q: How do I implement support for ID3v2 in C/Java/VB/my-favourite-language?

    Take a look at the implementations page and see if there is any library available that your lanugage can use.